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Winnipeg Low-Income Tenants Worry Over Renovations

August 3rd, 2012

LL’s Don’t Make Improvements, Tenants Complain.  LL’s Make Improvements and…

What’s the Story?

There is a large pro-growth revitalization project plan for buildings in Winnipeg’s West End.

Sounds Great!  The Area Could Use It. So What’s the Problem?

Some tenants in the area worry the revitalization will lead to higher rents and force them to move.

How Do They Explain That?

According to renter Laura Jones, after the improvements are done to her building she expects her rent to at least be 2x what she is paying now.

Jones has lived on Furby Street for twelve years. She said it’s already very tough for low-income people to find affordable housing in Winnipeg.

Doesn’t Manitoba Already Have Rent Control?

Yes. Rental building owners are able to raise rents if they make significant capital improvements.

What Do Landlords Say?

According to a property management association, if landlords can’t increase rents, landlords won’t be able to maintain and improve rentals. Tenants should understand this and support improving rental properties in the city. They only need to look at Ontario where rent increases are strictly controlled and renters complain about the quality of available rental housing all the time.


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