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Brandon Manitoba Landlord – Increasing costs for landlords makes housing less affordable

February 9th, 2013

Landlord is losing money

Brandon, Manitoba Landlords Letter About Increasing Costs for Landlords Strikes a Nerve All over the Province!

Manitoba landlords are facing a lot of challenges in 2013.

Landlords across the province are shocked we can only raise the rent by 1% in 2013 despite our rising costs.

Tenant on tenant violence is increasing and driving international students away from studying in our universities.

A letter in the Brandon Sun newspaper from a Brandon landlord has led to a very strong reaction from small residential landlords across the province.

In his or her letter, the landlord supportss Brandon councillors who made a good decision to accept one million dollars to sell an asset owned by the city.

He or she also specifically commended Councillor McCrae for truly representing the citizens of Brandon by making it clear any proposals on affordable housing could be decided on my council, not only by the mayor in a unilateral decision.

The letter continued…

The writer stated it was good news city council in Brandon has ruled they will increase spending for affordable housing. He or she also stated if was good for the city that there are resources available to help Brandon tenants in need.

However, the write said his or her employer supplies affordable housing for the city already. And rather than receiving support and encouragement the employer has received:

1. A large new tax increase on each unit supplied to tenants in need

2. Large new increases in costs for garbage collection.

Why did the letter get such a strong reaction?

Because Manitoba landlords are getting fed up with a government who doesn’t appreciate us. We have a growing economy and more people are coming to our province and need places to live. Yet our government leaders are treating small business landlords in a poor fashion that mirrors anti-landlord provinces such as Ontario where landlords are leaving the market instead of pro-rental housing growth provinces like Alberta.

It’s time Manitoba landlords are appreciated for being important suppliers of safe and affordable housing in Manitoba!

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