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Credit Checks For Only $10/Check – With Membership You Can Make Money!

Sunday, August 13th, 2023

With a one time registration fee (only to cover our costs) you get access to credit checks for as low as $10 with the leading background screening companies in Canada.

We have kept this price since 2009 to help landlords pay the lowest price for the best services to help you succeed!

With so many “for profit” start ups charging up to $29.99/check you save $20/check.

so after only 5 credit checks with us you are making money thanks to our huge savings for you.

Many of our members have conducted hundreds of credit checks and the huge savings is like “making money”.

Even making thousands of dollars or more!

With such low costs you can run multiple checks to find the best applicants for your rental property!

It’s important landlords run your own checks to avoid getting fake ones with fake scores. And only from the best companies.

And At Fair Prices

Join Our Community Association And Run Credit Checks For Only $10/Check

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Become A Professional Landlord And You Can Succeed.

So many experienced and successful landlords are part of our community. And we have so many small landlords who are “in the trenches” and working hard to succeed and creating great rental homes, with great service, and renting to their 5 star clients/tenants.

Yes, you can succeed! Learn from long term landlord successful experts and use the best credit check companies in Canada at very lost costs!

Manitoba Landlords – Take Control of Your Rental Property With Tenant Credit Checks

Sunday, June 12th, 2016
Join the Manitoba Landlords Association and Run Credit Checks To Find Great Tenants

Join the Manitoba Landlords Association and Run Credit Checks To Find Great Tenants


Manitoba Landlords Can Make Sure You Rent To The Good Good Tenants Out There By Running Credit Checks

Experienced and successful Manitoba landlords know the importance of renting to good tenants.

After all, you have bought and prepared a great place to live with you rental property. Many Manitoba landlords were tenants ourselves at one point, or we have friends and relatives who rent now, and we know how good tenants appreciate a good landlord and a safe, affordable, well-maintained rental property 

We also know how important it is for tenants to have a great landlord!

What Makes A Great Landlord?

A great landlord is just like most of the readers here. We have invested a lot of our savings into a rental property. We maintain it well and want to make it as pretty as possible.

We hope to find great tenants who will live in our rental property and be happy and appreciate the property and us, as landlords, who have invested a lot of our hard earned money to create the property.

Landlords Keep Getting Ripped Off Bad Tenants

The stories keep coming. Tenants come in, and either don’t pay rent or trash the property.

This lead many landlords to give up. They just give up or look for a better place to invest.  We know of a case where a couple of Brandon landlords sold and became Newmarket Ontario Landlords and have achieved great financial success.

Did You Run Proper Tenant Screening Including a Credit Check?

Very few Manitoba landlords run credit checks and proper tenant screening on their potential tenants before handing over the keys.

Are they too trustful? Yes. You need to be very cautious and know who you are renting to. You need only to view what the situation is for Ontario Landlords to realize you need to screen carefully.

How Can Great Landlords Find Great Tenants?

A credit check will show you the financial history of a potential tenant.

Do they pay their bills on time? Have they not paid someone before? It’s a key tenant screening check!

Most Manitoba Landlord Don’t Screen Tenants And Don’t Run Credit Checks

This is the sad reality, so who is to blame when landlords rent to bad tenants? A Winnipeg landlord said she just trusts what a tenant says. She sold her rental after a bad tenant ripped her off.

How Can I Run Premium Credit Checks At A Great Price?

Join the Manitoba Landlords Association and get access to amazing credit checks at great prices.

Landlords Face Many Challenges in 2013 – Make Sure You Rent to Good Tenants Using The Power of Equifax Credit Checks

Monday, January 14th, 2013

January 13th, 2013

MLA Challenges

Dangerous Challenges Face Manitoba Landlords in 2013 Making Equifax Tenant Screening Using Credit Checks More Important Than Ever

A year of challenges.  That’s what Manitoba landlords face in 2013.

Looking back at what happened in the rental market and to landlords in 2012, the trends are clear.

And it’s not good news for good Manitoba landlords.

Whether you own your investment property in Winnipeg, Brandon, or elsewhere the message is clear: the current government is not on our side and are making it increasingly difficult for small landlords to succeed.

The trends make it more important than ever for Manitoba landlords to rent out to good tenants and avoid the pros.

Let’s look at some of these challenges and trends.

1.  Want to raise the rent in 2013?  The government set the rate at only 1%

We are all faced with lots of increased costs this year.  Taxes are going up, utility costs are going up, and good contractors are charging more than ever to do repairs and improvements.

You want to maintain and even improve your rental property.  That’s expensive.

So what does the government do? They say you can’t raise the rent more than 1%1

Why would anyone sane create such a short-sighted policy that will hurt good landlords who want to rent out great properties?

According to the government they, “…understand how stressful it can be for students, seniors and low-income families to make ends meet.  Rent guidelines help ensure fairness for renters.”

Yeah, right.

Good properties require regular upkeep from good contractors. That means landlords have to pay and have to at least cover their costs. 1% doesn’t do that.

2.  Bad Tenants Are Driving Out Good Tenants

Remember the story of the Chinese international student studying at the University of Manitoba?  You know, the student who was lucky to dodge a bullet coming from another tenants.

The tenant was Kate Cheng was about to enjoy a late night snack when she realized drywall in the apartment was falling. She didn’t worry too much at the time because she thought a neighbour must have been doing some late night drilling to put up pictures.

It was only later she realized the seriousness of the situation – someone had shot bullets into her apartment and she was lucky to be alive.

3.  Tenant Versus Tenant Violence is Escalating

Another example in 2012 shows trends for landlords.

Loud music and a floor-stomping tenant led to a woman being stabbed in an Agnes Street apartment Tuesday night, police said.

Or the tenant who stabbed his neighbouring tenant.

Police said the woman and two men were socializing in a suite while playing loud music around the supper hour.

A tenant directly above the group took offence to the noise and began jumping on the floor in an attempt to get the partiers to turn down the music. Two men from the party confronted the upstairs tenant, then returned to the downstairs suite, police said.

4.  Government Social Housing Is Going Down the Drain (With Tenants Living in Fear)

Or lets discuss the tenant who is living in government housing who is scared beyond belief after another tenant was murdered in the same rental building

5.  Tenants Complaining And Going Over Your Head and Directly to the Government

The current government is encouraging tenants to go over the landlords head with complaints.

Instead of mature discussion, tenants are being encouraged to contact government by-law officers to punish their landlords.  This is common in other anti-landlord provinces.

So What Can A Landlord Do In The Current Anti-Good Landlord Environment We Face?

The key is renting to qualified tenants.

Qualified tenants will respect your property, respect the landlords, and pay on time!

How Can You Find Qualified Tenants?

The Manitoba Landlords Association has the answer.

The answer is making Equifax your partner in Tenant Screening and finding great, qualified tenants.

Equifax is the world-wide leader for credit fraud and screening.

 MLA equifax


MLA members can work with Equifax to make sure you you make objective and informed decisions when approving or declining prospective tenants.

MLA Members Have Access to:

  • Online tool that captures information you already have such as applicant’s name, address and date of birth
  • Takes the guesswork out of the credit worthiness decision
  • Provides clear and concise recommendations—you do not need to be an expert on reading credit reports or interpreting credit scores

How it Works

Whether you maintain two rental units or 200, we designed Tenant Selector with your needs in mind. It is easy to use, secure and provides a real-time recommendation based on the credit worthiness of the applicant(s). Tenant Selector considers:

The likelihood the tenant will declare bankruptcy in the next 24 months

  • The probability the tenant will make their rent payments to you on time
  • Irregularities or confirmed misuse in names, addresses and phone numbers—or other suspicious behaviour that could indicate fraud
  • The tenant’s ability to afford the cost of rent plus other debts (Total Debt Service Ratio)

Even if your applicant does not have a credit score, Tenant Selector can still deliver an “accept” or “decline” recommendation based on all available information.

Manitoba landlords the message is clear. The government will not help us, so make sure you rent only to good tenants. The Equifax Tenant Screening is a tool you need to use.