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Former Tenants of Winnipeg Landlords are Speaking Out

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

July 6th, 2012


What’s the Story?

A tenants who rented properties from tow Winnipeg landlords is now speaking out about what she claims were terrible conditions in her former rental property.

Any Details?

The former tenant, Joan Ross, states she rented a house located at 270 Tecumseh St. from Kulijinder and Navdeep Randhawa.  She says the own and manage more than 40 properties in Winnipeg.


Ross says the house had many maintenance issues, including structural, plumbing and electrical problems.

Anything Else

Oh, she says the house also had bedbugs.

What’s Next?

Ross says even after calling the landlord “five and six time” nothing was fixed.

So Why Did She Move There and If Things Weren’t Fixed Why Not Move Out?

There was no comment on this.

Anything Else about Kulijinder and Navdeep Randhawa?

Yes.  A  second rental they own at 495 Dufferin St. was actually called “uninhabitable” by the Winnipeg and Manitoba officials.

One of the former tenants said the place has rotten floor board, a shoddy furnace, and a bad water heater.

Former Tenant Means He Also Moved Out?


What Else Does Ross Have to Say?

Ross has now moved to a social housing co-op.  She is angry her last landlord is still in business, calling her a “slum landlord” who “takes advantage of people living on disability and on welfare.”

Who Don’t People on Disability or on Welfare Be More Careful of Where they Move To?

That is the subject for another post.

A bylaw officer for the city of Winnipeg bylaw officer stated the city is going to be more “proactive.”